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EnduroShield Protective Glass Coating

The easy to clean protective glass coating of EnduroShield creates a long lasting shield barrier on any glass surfaces. EnduroShield will reduce the cleaning time of all glass products by around 90% and help protect from staining, etching and the build up from the following:

  • Chlorine damage and salt spray
  • Lime scale, soap scum, body lotions and oils and grime and dirt

The ultra-thin coating of EnduroShild offers transparency to glass panels and adheres completely to all glass surfaces providing protection to repel oil and water based stains. For easier cleaning, similar to that of a non stick fry pan, you will only need water with mild detergent or just a cloth of microfibre. There is no need for scrubbing or the use of toxic, harsh chemical cleaning products. It really is a breeze to clean and with superior protection there is no build up of harmful bacteria or mould providing an environment free of germs.


You can apply EnduroShield Glass Coating to new and existing glass surfaces such as:

  • Car and truck windshields
  • External windows
  • Glass pool fencing and railings
  • Glass roof panels
  • Glass shower panels and doors
  • Glass splash-backs
  • Marine glass
  • Mirrors


  • 90% reduction in cleaning time
  • Application applied once and bonds permanently* to glass surfaces eliminating the use of Revitalizer products.
  • Cleaning only requires a wipe with a cloth of microfibre – perfect for shower panels and doors
  • Environmentally friendly product that eliminates the use of harsh chemicals
  • Superior protective qualities guarding against stains and etching caused by soap scum, lime scaling and hard water
  • UV Stable


Testing has proven the longevity of EnduroShield with the product lasting well beyond 10 years. A full 10 year limited warranty can be given to new glass coatings and for existing glass surfaces there is a 3 year limited warranty provided. The product is designed to last well past the warranty periods.


EnduroShield is purchased direct from the manufacturer as an optional extra when your buy your new glass products like glass pool fencing, shower doors and windows. Having the coating applied to new glass products will ensure that they are protected initially and provide many years of easy to clean surfaces.

*Based on 10 years simulated use in normal conditions – information provided by TÜV Rheinland, Germany.

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